Parameter Passing to Wufoo

With Wufoo, you can change the parameters that will be shown on the form fields.

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By: Johan Lieu

How to Set up Parameter Passing to Wufoo

Are you interested in configuring two locations where Wufoo forms will pull from? For example, let's suppose that you’ve created a Wufoo form as an iFrame within a Dreamweaver.html page and the page is called from two different locations. How do you make it work? We'll explain the process.

Make sure you remove any default values

To ensure that the above steps work, you may need to check the default value if you've changed it in Wufoo. Bear in mind the fact that everything will be controlled by the URL, so there's no need to set the default value in Wufoo. Your final step will be to make this change dynamic so that it applies whenever users click on a link to see your form. On any other pages you have, place logic that dynamically changes the URL – so you would change the last word to be the other location that you want to include.

And if you need more information, you can check out our help documentation about parameter passing.