Hide/show the Submit Button

If you want to hide/change how the submit button on your form appears, we’ll show you the workaround. We’ll also show you how to add a ‘clear’ button.

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By: Johan Lieu

A Workaround for the Hide/Show the Submit Button on Forms

If you're looking for a way to ensure that users complete your form before they submit it, we can show you a nifty little trick; currently, we don't have a way to hide the Submit button, but in the Form Builder, you can add a required Yes checkbox below the terms and conditions. Users will have to complete the form and select the box before they submit the form.

The Yes checkbox is a great workaround and we think you'll find it super helpful!

Print/clear forms

We don't offer a button that allows people to print the form after they have completed it, but if you'd like to build in a way for people to clear the form, use a basic HTML link in a section break at the bottom of the form. Target the link to the form's URL and name the link “Clear form” (or something similar). This will build in the feature for you.