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By: Mike Wong

Ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve created a form and want the Notification emails to be sent to different people based on a particular field choice? Or wanting to send your respondents a custom email based on their submitted answers? In this round of Tips and Tricks we’ll take a more in-depth look at how to achieve this and more with the Form Rules feature available for our paid plans!

Notification Emails

A common example of using the form rules to send notification emails is to direct the notifications to specific departments or supervisors within an organisation. In our demo, we’re going to provide our respondents with the option of choosing to direct their entry to a specific team member at the booming start-up,

Notification Dropdown

The Rules

With the form built, it’s time to head over to the Rule Builder. You can access the Rule Builder for each form in your account by clicking the Rules button of the form row from the main Form Manager view.

You can find the Rules button from the Form Manager view.

Once in the Rule Builder section, we’ll click on the Form Rules tab and then get down to business. Here is where we’ll create a separate rule for each of the choices available within our drop down field. In each rule, we’ll also choose the option to Send Email, select our email type as well as define the address to send the notification email too.

Form Rule Notifications

A good thing to keep in mind? It’s possible to send these notification emails to more than one address at a time. You’ll just need to separate each additional email address with a comma. Check it out:

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails are the messages that are sent back to your respondents once they have submitted an entry to your form. To set these up, all that’s required is that your form has an email field (naturally!). Once that’s established, you’ll have the confirmation option available from the email type dropdown.

At the illustrious, John B. Smith handles support requests while John Q. Smith is Lead Feline Supervisor. With respect to that, we’re going to configure custom confirmation emails based on our dropdown field and their roles.

Pro Tip!

You’ll notice that within the Confirmation Messages, we’ve used our Templating feature for added personalization.

In every confirmation message setup box (as well as within the confirmation message features) you’ll find hyperlinks that lead directly to both the Templating Help Centre page as well as a link that goes directly to the API Information page for your form.

It’s in this second link where you’ll be able to find the field IDs for your form so you can call back the value entered by your respondents. In this case, we’re calling out the First Name field in order to address our form users directly.

Super Special Notes

When a Form Rule is triggered to send a Notification and/or Confirmation email, it will overrule any settings within the Form Settings tab of the Builder or the Notification Settings page respectively. Bearing this in mind, if you want all notification emails to go to a standard address as well as a variable address you’ll need to add it to the rule as shown above.

Also, with each submission only a single rule of each email type can be activated at a time. What does this mean exactly? If you have more than one form rule and an entry satisfies more than one of those rules, then Wufoo will send the Notification Email only to the very last Notification Email rule that meets the condition.

And there you have it!

I hope this cannon ball into the Form Rules feature serves you well, form friends. If you have any feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. For any questions, make sure you get in touch with us and say hi!

Until next time…