Say Hello To The Five Star Rating Field Type.

Get feedback from your users and customers by using a Five Star Rating field.

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By: Johan Lieu

I've got some news. You're going to want to sit down for this. You're sitting down? OK, good.

The Wufoo team has been hard at work brainstorming, designing and developing brand new features and we're excited to announce the first product from that process the Five Star Rating field type. We think you're really going to like this new feature that we've been working on.

The Form Builder - With More Shining Stars!

The frequently requested Five Star Rating field type allows you to add a star rating field to your forms to offer your users and customers the ability to easily and quickly give feedback. Built directly into our intuitive drag and drop Form Builder, you'll find the new Five Star Rating field type in the Fancy Pants section. It's ready for prime time and available to all plan levels.

Beautifully-Designed For Ease Of Use

Now, I'm sure you're interested in how it actually looks on your form. Don't worry, we’ve got your back; it looks amazing. We’ve taken the time to thoroughly research, tweak, iterate, test and develop the Five Star Rating field type so that it's as smooth as butter and looks and feels great.

Unlike other rating systems, there are no jittery flashes, bugs or jumpy behaviour. We worked hard to make it work exactly as you and your users expect a star rating system to work, with no unexpected behaviours or actions. The last thing you want is a buggy experience impeding your users from filling out your form. The new Five Star Rating field type meets and even exceeds Wufoo's exacting and high standards.

Check It Out - Integrated With Entries

Now, it's not just enough to make the Five Star Rating field type easy to put into your forms and easy for your users and customers to use. What’s just as important, if not more so, is the data itself. And again, we've got you covered.

When viewing a form entry with the new Five Star Rating field type within the Entry Manager, you'll see the familiar-looking entry. Here, you'll see the rating from that entry in star form, allowing you to easily view and comprehend at a glance the ratings in your entry.

But the stars are just a visual representation of the value that your users submitted. Do you need to export the data for later use and need the rating value? No problem. As you can see in the entries grid in the Entry Manager, we store easy rating entry as an integer, allowing you to use the data as you see fit.

Analyse It - Integrated With Reports

Are you a report fiend? Do you need to have your rating data and values in a well-designed and attractive looking report to share with others in your company? No problem. The new Five Star Rating field type is totally integrated with our Report Builder, allowing you to create great-looking and easily parsable reports with your new rating data.

You'll be able to show the rating data in any of the widgets to easily see the distribution of ratings across all of your entries. Want to show the average value of all ratings? We’ve got you covered. Use a number widget, select the rating field as your data source, select average as your calculation and select 2 Decimals as your number format. Boom, an instant calculation of the average rating.

And, as always, it makes for a great-looking report that you can easily understand and share with colleagues.

It's Your Data - Integrated With The Wufoo REST API

  "Entries" : [
      "EntryId" : "1",
      "Field7" : "7492740",
      "Field3" : "4",
      "Field2" : "2",
      "Field1" : "3",
      "DateCreated" : "2013-08-20 11:12:35",
      "CreatedBy" : "public",
      "DateUpdated" : "",
      "UpdatedBy" : null

And since we believe that your entry data is yours, we've made sure that the Five Star Rating field type works as you'd expect with our REST API. Call up the Entries GET API for your form with the Five Star Rating field type and, in addition to the expected data for all previous field types, you'll also receive the integer of the rating value. There’s nothing extra to do, no hoops to jump through. Just your data, easily accessible.

And that's our new friend, the Five Star Rating field type. We hope you're as excited to get started using it as we were planning, designing and developing it. We're really looking forward to seeing which applications you guys come up with to use the new Five Star Rating field type.

Do you have any comments or feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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