How to Create a Simple Donation Form

Wufoo makes it easy to quickly set up a donation form and start accepting donations immediately.

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By: Chris Coyier

Wufoo is perfect for creating donation forms. In this tutorial we’ll create The World’s Simplest Donation Form, which consists of just one single field. This is a price field which allows users to type in how much they want to donate and then proceed directly to checkout, where they will be charged that amount. Creating a donation form like this using Wufoo means that your form will look great and provide an experience that is as professional as possible.

Let’s walk through the process from start to finish. Depending on your preference, you can either follow the screencast tutorial below or the written instructions below that.

Screencast Tutorial

1. Bona Fide Plan and Payment Gateway

If you just want to give this a test drive to see what it’s like, you can process five transactions for free on our Free or Ad Hoc plans, but if you plan to go live with a donation form, you’ll need to be on our Bona Fide plan or above and have Payment Gateway set up. If you don’t have a Wufoo account yet, you can choose a plan and sign up here. If you do, you can see your current plan and change, if necessary, by logging in and going to the Account tab. To see which Payment Gateways we support and compare them, see our Which Payment Gateway Should You Choose? page.

2. Create the Form

We’re going to create The World’s Simplest Donation Form, which consists of just one single field: a Price field. For this form, the idea will be that people type in the amount they want to donate. From the Form Manager, click New Form!, then name it, click the Price field to add it to the form, name that and then save.

Simple Donation Form

3. Add Payment Integration

After saving your form, head back to the Form Manager and click the Payment button beneath this new form. This will take you to the screen for setting up payment integration. Here, you will enter information about the Payment Gateway you use. Then you’ll assign prices to fields on the form. Select the donation price field from the dropdown and click the Assign Prices to this Field button.

Wufoo · Payment Settings

Then click the Save Settings button and your form will be ready to start accepting donations!

Taking it Further

Remember, keeping forms simple (fewer fields) increases their conversion rate. So, don’t add extra fields to your form without being absolutely sure that you need them! That said, perhaps adding a few more fields makes sense for you. Check out our Donation Form template in our Form Gallery for ideas.

Start using our Donation Form Template now!

Taking things further, you could hook it up to one or more of our integrations to expand your mailing list, handle lead management, etc.

Plan to reward your donators with gifts based on the donation amount? Check out our tutorial about creating a Dynamic Tiered Gift System.